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Arizona Lottery Millionaire Raffle Introduces Weekly Prizes

Apr 1, 2009 00:06 

With nearly $4 million in total cash prizes including two $1 million grand prizes and six weekly drawings for $25,000, tickets for the Arizona Lottery’s latest Millionaire Raffle go on sale on Sunday, February 8, at retailers where Lottery products are sold.

While the drawing date for the last Millionaire Raffle was one month ago, Lottery officials are still waiting for the winner of the second $1 million prize from the drawing on Jan. 8 to come forward. Winners have 180 days to claim their prize, which would be July 7, 2009.

While some things remain unchanged about the Millionaire Raffle — there are still only 350,000 tickets available and two $1 million grand prizes — the Arizona Lottery has added an exciting component that is sure to entice players. Beginning on Feb. 26 and lasting for six weeks, the Arizona Lottery will draw a winning raffle number for that week’s $25,000 “bonus” prize. Important dates to watch for after you purchase your Millionaire Raffle ticket follow:

February 26 – First $25,000 weekly drawing.

March 5 – Second $25,000 weekly drawing.

March 12 – Third $25,000 weekly drawing.

March 19 – Fourth $25,000 weekly drawing.

March 26 – Fifth $25,000 weekly drawing.

April 2 – Sixth $25,000 weekly drawing.

April 23 – Millionaire Raffle Drawing.

All raffle tickets purchased by the weekly draw date will be eligible for all of the remaining drawings. If a ticket is a non-winner for a weekly drawing, it is still eligible for the remaining weekly drawings. And even if a ticket is the weekly $25,000 winner, it still goes into the running for the other weekly drawings as well as the cash prizes at the main drawing on April 23.

“We are so pleased to be able to offer our players a weekly chance to win a substantial Millionaire Raffle prize,” said Trish Phillips, interim executive director of the Arizona Lottery. “Because tickets are automatically entered and re-entered into the six weekly $25,000 bonus draws in addition to our main drawing, we expect tickets to sell quickly as players realize they have great odds at winning a fantastic cash prize.”

In addition to the two $1 million prizes and the six weekly $25,000 prizes, there are four $100,000 prizes, 30 $10,000 prizes, 600 $1,000 prizes and 450 $500 prizes.

With just 350,000 tickets available, the Millionaire Raffle offers players the best odds ever at winning $1 million. The $20 tickets are sold in sequential order, and sales will stop once the last of the tickets has been sold.

You must be at least 21 to purchase or redeem tickets. The Arizona Lottery reminds everyone to please play responsibly.